Information detailing your procedure will have been supplied to during your consultation. Please read all the information carefully as it outlines your procedure, any preparation needed, also any potential risks, and the expected outcomes. Please also refer to the checklist below.


Pre-Admission is a very important part of your medical care at Craigie Day Surgery. If you have not completed our Hospital pre-admission form on consult, then please click on the link where you will be able to complete the questionnaire and submit directly to the hospital.

Alternatively, complete the Hospital pre-admission document and deliver or email to Craigie Day Surgery.

Please note it is very important that we receive your information promptly to allow us time to check your private health fund/ insurance and your medical needs prior to the procedure. Your booking is not confirmed until we have received and processed this paperwork.

The hospital will contact you the business day prior to your procedure to let you know your arrival time, ask additional questions related to your visit and provide your Fasting times.


On arrival, our friendly receptionist will greet you and finalise details, including processing any fund excess payment or out of pocket expenses.

Could you please have the following information ready for your admission:

  • Personal/Next of Kin details
  • Medicare Card
  • Funding details (e.g. DVA, Private health insurance, WorkCover or self-funding)
  • Benefit details (e.g. pharmacy benefit card or pension card)

A nurse will then accompany you to the preoperative area where you will change if required. The nurse will confirm your details, procedure and consent form, allergy status, fasting status, and take observations. You will also be seen by the anaesthetist.

Our theatre nurses will then take you into the operating room where you will be looked after throughout your procedure by our nurses, surgeon and anaesthetist. After your procedure, you will wake up in the specialised recovery area where your progress will be monitored until you are ready to go home.

Checklist for Minor Surgery

  • Check time, date and address for Craigie Day Surgery.
  • If you normally take the medication in the morning, you may take this at 0600hrs with a sip of water
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Shower or bathe, wash your hair and remove makeup, jewellery, body piercings and nail polish.
  • Do not wear contact lenses.
  • Bring medications that would normally be due to take
  • Leave jewellery and valuables at home
  • Wear loose, button-up clothing for easy-undress
  • Cease Fish Oil and Vitamin E and garlic supplements 1 week prior to Surgery.
  • Prepare for when you get home – make sure you have any necessary pain relief on hand, and be prepared to miss a certain period of work (we’ll give you a medical certificate).
  • It is important for you to arrange to have a friend or relative pick you up check on you following your Anaesthetic.

Interpreter Service

If an interpreter is required, Craigie Day Surgery recommends that patients use a friend or relative who is available for the whole period of the admission. If this is not possible, please notify Craigie Day Surgery ,and we will arrange an interpreter service, which can be arranged at an additional expense to you.